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ARBORETUM - an ample set aside for growing and effective display of all the different kinds of worthy ornamental trees, shrubs, vines and other plants which can grown in a given area, their maintenance, proper labeling, and study of existing in a region on new introduced plants.

(Wyman`s Gardening Encyclopedia)

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To present us:

Simeria Forest Research Station is a sub-unit of Bucharest Forest Research and Management Institute.

Simeria Station unfold his activity starting from 1954, his setting up was determinate by the necessity of knowing the zonal forest aspects, and his localization in Simeria was determinate by the existence of the Arboretum (The Dendrological Park) - ancient exotic species growing center.

The material base contain The Simeria Arboretum (67 ha) -valuable collection of wooden, exotic and native plants - where is situated the unit headquarters and the molecular genetics lab, the Simeria nurseries (3 ha) and the green houses, Dobra nursery (9 ha).


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The unit profile:

The predominant activities are the forestry searching and production.

The scientific research activity of Simeria Station include the following domains:

- Molecular genetics: the study of the genetic variety at the main forestry species from the Romania ecosystems using genetic molecular markers;
- Biotechnology's (in vitro culture): advanced micropropagation technologies (somatic embryogenesis), ex situ conservation of genetic resources in forestry species, somaclonal selection;
- Modern technologies of the valuable decorative species;
- Dendrology: wooden species identification and checking, the establishment of the vegetative and generative multiplication techniques for the exotic species, the technical and scientific information spreading so that the large public could understand the special importance of the durable preserving and administration of the natural resources.

In the material base green houses are produced decorative plants that are afterwards transferred in the production nurseries so that its could reach the most propitious level for the deliberation. The nurseries contain a reach assortment of leafy and coniferous decorative saplings, which are intense, used at the arrangement of green places, parks and garden.

The Arboretum (The Dendrological Park) - scientific reservation - is a different chapter in the frame works of the unit. The acclimatization of the new species and also his up keep (maintenance) represent a big volume of works asserted from one's own found. Simeria Arboretum is considerate: "a national monument in the parks art", contain over 2000 systematic unites from different zones of the globe.
In frame work of the Arboretum is realized an exchange of seeds with other similar unites all over the world for the plants acclimatization and for the collection enrichment.


Contacts, information's:

Telephone: +40 254 261254

FAX: +40 254 261254

Postal address: 2625, Simeria, Str. Biscaria, no. 1, jud. Hunedoara, ROMANIA

Electronic mail: General Information: icashd@rdslink.ro

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